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Frequently Asked Questions


When will I hear from my coach?

Coaches will get their rosters in late July or early August. No practice or team event can happen any earlier than August 1st. Because of summer vacations, some coaches may pick up their team packages late and you may not be contacted until the middle of August. So please be patient. For spring teams, coaches get their rosters in late February and will be reaching out to their teams in the first two weeks of March to schedule practices and distribute the game schedule.

What does 6U, 8U…19U mean?

These are common terms used across globe to describe the age division of a team. The “U” stands for “Under” and the number stands for their age.  AYSO Core program uses 2 year age groups. For example, a 12U player is a player who is either 10 or 11 years old during the calendar year of the season.

When does the season start and end?

Our Fall Season typically starts in August for practices and games typically start the 2nd or 3rd weekend in September and finish the second weekend of November.  All-Stars for 8U will have one extra week of practice and have their All-Star 1-day mini tournament the weekend before Thanksgiving.  All-Stars for 10U and up will be selected by coaches by the first weekend in November and All Star practices will start the week before Thanksgiving and will continue through February with breaks for the holidays.  All-Star tournaments for 10U and above will begin in January.  Fall games are on Saturday mornings and early afternoons.

Spring rec soccer for Playground-8U age groups starts in late February for practices and games start around the second weekend of March.  Spring Selects for 10U and above will also start in early March and Spring Selects teams typically participate in tournaments depending on coach preference.  Spring Games are on Sunday afternoons.

What equipment do I need?

Your player should come to practice wearing shorts, shin guards, and soccer cleats (soccer shoes). The shin guards must be worn against the skin with soccer socks over them. For younger players you can recycle your baseball shoes as long as you cut the toe cleat off leaving no sharp edges. Players should also bring their own water bottle. Some coaches may ask for the player to bring a soccer ball.

Where will my team practice?

Kearny Mesa AYSO uses Cabrillo Heights Park in our community as our central practice location, but your team may decide to practice at any other available fields, which can be Angier Joint Use Field and Wegeforth Joint Use Field. The coach will generally pick the time and day(s).

When will my team practice?

Again, this is at the discretion of your coach. Most coaches will pole their families for a time and day(s) that work best for the maximum number of players. Usually Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

What about carpooling?

All of us have busy lives and carpooling is encouraged between parents on the same team. For liability reasons, any parent transporting someone else’s children should have a letter in their glove-box specifying that they have permission to transport other family’s children.

How old do my kids need to be to start playing?

Kids need to be 4 years old in order to play.

Do boys and girls play on the same team?

Boys and Girls play co-ed only in the 5U (Jamboree) and the 6U age groups. 8U is also co-ed unless we have enough girls to make it separate teams. All others are separated into boys and girls divisions.

Where do I buy shin guards? Are they required?

Shin guards are available at most athletic and discount department stores. Shin guards with a hard plastic core are mandatory during games and practices.

What size soccer ball does by child play with?

8U and under — Size 3 ball
10U – 12U — Size 4 ball
14U and older — Size 5 ball

What about soccer cleats?

Players need to have cleats for all games (tennis shoes are OK for practices). When you buy cleats for your child, be sure to purchase soccer cleats (rubber cleats with no toe cleat).

What if it rains on game day? Will we make up missed games?

We will try to play every scheduled game. If conditions are unsafe for play, the regional staff makes the final call on game day on cancel or play. A sign will be posted at the field stating any cancel games. Don’t assume that just because there is a little rain games are cancelled. Please always come by the field to make sure. Remember, kids have fun playing in the rain. Unfortunately we can’t always make-up cancelled games.

What about jewelry, casts, eyeglasses?

Hard casts and jewelry are not permitted on the soccer field, since they can be a safety hazards. Prescription glasses may be worn, but be sure they’re secured with an eyeglass holder.

What if my child has to miss a game or practice?

Since soccer is a team sport, the participation of players in games and practices is important for the success of the team. Coaches count on regular attendance at practice to teach skills and strategy. If your child must miss a practice or a game, please notify your coach ahead of time.

What can I expect as a first time coach of a younger team?

In the first game of the season expect all players on each team to huddle around the ball for forty minutes (see Newton’s Fourth Law of Physics: one soccer ball will attract and hold 10 six year olds in a tight mass which cannot be broken apart). You will become hoarse yelling for them to spread out, to no avail. By the last game of the season you should see them looking for teammates, making passes and scoring goals. This achievement will hook you on coaching AYSO soccer until your child goes away to college.

How can I help?

AYSO depends on volunteers. It’s an important part of the program. If you want to help or you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with a board member or contact us by email at [email protected].

How do I get a refund?

Please see our Refund Policy - 2018 kearny mesa refund policy.docx.

The Kids Zone Pledge

The Kids Zone Pledge

Regions that participate in the Kids Zone program typically place buttons and posters near the fields as helpful reminders that no matter how intense the game can be, kids need cheerful support from the sidelines. Parents and spectators are asked to sign the pledge and agree to the following guidelines:

  1. Kids are No. 1
  2. Fun – not winning – is everything
  3. Fans only cheer, and only coaches coach
  4. No yelling in anger
  5. Respect the volunteer referees
  6. No swearing or abusive behavior
  7. No alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  8. No weapons
  9. Leave no trash behind
  10. Set a proper example of sportsmanship

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